Next time you're feeling the winter blues, take the time for a 'Doona Day'.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling rather (cockily) confident that I was really handling winter and all it brings easily.

Around me, people were falling like ninepins from coughs, colds and flu type symptoms. But I hadn’t been sick for a few years and did not intend to be this year either.

I knew all that “stuff” about the cycles of the seasons. Yes, the winter cycle is all about being still and uncovering the truth within; it is a time of patience and creating a space for the more energetic cycles of spring and summer. But, I was busy… I didn’t really have time for that – maybe next month or even next year.

However, putting in a few extra heavy working weekends and later nights than usual, culminating in a recent weekend when, although I was having fun, I had two very late nights, followed by a very busy Monday.

As I was chatting to a lady that day I felt the tickle in my throat start. Over that day the symptoms built, but still feeling invincible I soldiered on!

Life had other plans for me though, and eventually I succumbed to a flown blown cold (it was a man cold though!!).

As my preference is to let my body deal with these things naturally, I slept, ate lightly and used natural remedies — love that fresh lemon juice, honey and hot water! There was a part of me that enjoyed not having any deadlines, being taken care of and just relaxing.

Having a cold was Life’s way of saying to me: “You need time out. You have been overdoing it. Rest! Enjoy stillness and quiet.”

And you know what? The world didn’t fall apart because I missed work or was absent from social or domestic duties. Yes, I would have preferred to be there for people who were counting on me, but a part of me knew that my body and spirit needed this space, and I chose to embrace it, fully and completely.

Soldiering on frazzles the body’s energies, overrides Life’s way of creating a cycle of stillness and rest, and leaves space for various ailments to show up.

In future I will be more mindful of what my body is whispering to me and rather than overriding it to keep going, I will make space — space to be still and connect with me.

In fact, I heard from a friend recently that when she lived overseas her company gave their employees the opportunity to have a ‘Doona Day’ periodically. This was a day to just stay home, relax in bed, or do whatever was nourishing, no questions asked.

What a wonderful idea. I know I am going to give myself permission to do that occasionally.

So, if you are feeling a little tired, run down and burnt out by the winter energies why not create your very own ‘Doona Day’.