Monday Mini Meditations

This morning in meditation group I asked the lovely ladies to share something they liked about themselves.

There were interesting and varied responses, but overall it felt a little like drawing teeth.

One woman commented that in her culture it was considered inappropriate to notice or talk about oneself in a loving way.

For many, we have been taught that we are self-centred, prideful, “showing off”, even narcissistic, if we love and appreciate ourselves.

Much of the time the focus is purely on what is actually wrong with us, which leads to spending a lifetime feeling “less than” and constantly trying to change and be “better”, or giving up completely and having the program of deep dislike running constantly in the background.

We believe we are not loveable until we loose more weight, find that perfect partner, have the great job, wear the trendy clothes or have the big house.

Yet we are all amazingly beautiful, powerful and magnificent beings.

When we can appreciate ourselves with eyes wide open  – accepting all the little idiosyncrasies and foibles we have, the parts of us where we are not so skilled and talented, and the parts where we shine and have wonderful qualities – then we are truly in that place of unconditional self-love.

It is then that we tap into the true gift of ourselves.  And we bring that clear energy of lovin’ to the world.

Stop right now.  Breathe deeply and focus for a moment on how truly wonderful you are.  If that feels challenging, find just one thing about yourself that you like and appreciate – maybe your blue eyes, or the delightful laugh, or the gentle way you hold another’s hand, or the great meals you make.  Let that be your signpost to finding more things you love about yourself.

Enjoy this beautiful song by Karen Drucker and let the “Beauty in You” shine!

From my heart to yours,