Monday Mini Meditations

Last Wednesday I finally had a cataract operation on my left eye, something I had been putting off for a while.

I knew that it was a fairly straightforward operation, but still felt some nerves at the thought of an operation on my eye.

Well I must say, that it proved to be relatively uneventful and pain free and I am so grateful for the skilled specialist who did the surgery.  There is something to be said about the blessings of the modern medical paradigm in these types of health issues.

The big surprise for me is just how bright and light everything is, how easy it is to read the subtitles on the TV and numberplates on cars.  It has also been wonderful to be able to clearly see the road ahead, particularly when driving at night and in poor weather conditions.

It led me to thinking a lot about this physical ailment and what it represented on an energetic level.

I checked out Louise Hay’s book “Heal your Body” and the probable cause of a cataract is “Inability to see ahead with joy.  Dark future”.

In Annette Noontil’s book “The Body is the Barometer of the Soul” she mentions something similar, “You are not seeing any future for yourself”, but she also adds “You are not sharing your knowledge or skills which enables you to take in more new things”.

I personally believe that mental thought patterns form our experience.  For every experience in life there is a thought pattern that precedes it.  When we are unaware of these thought patterns they can easily become deeply entrenched in our makeup and our thinking.

The power for all of us lies in being awake, aware and alert.

Awake to our thinking and the patterns that run deep as a result of the anger, guilt, grief and criticism we have experienced in our lives – not just from others but from ourselves personally as well. Add in a generous dab of fear, worry, hatred or jealousy and there is a potent cocktail of energy running though the body.

Aware enough to work creatively with these patterns in a loving and forgiving manner.  If we stuff down our thoughts and emotions out of a desire to be “good” or “positive” or even worse, because we are unaware, they get stuck.  Stuck energy resides in the physical body.

Alert and vigilant as an observer to all our actions and reactions.  Is a thought rearing its head again?  Am I letting it take charge?   How can I deal with this thought pattern?  When we can accept our humanity and our patterns with love, yet still work creatively to shift and seek change, we are consistently letting energy flow and inviting new outcomes for our physical body.

So, reflecting back on the cataract in my left eye.  I sat in meditation and pondered with openness and non-judgement the root cause of my thinking that has resulted in this cataract.  I realised two things – I am afraid to speak my truth about how I want my future to look, because it could be different to my partner’s vision.  I am afraid and angry that time is passing by, and I believe I may not have the energy to use all my skills and knowledge in the future in the way I desire.

This cataract started four to five years ago, and I recognise I was firmly entrenched in that type of thinking at that time.  These days, whilst feeling more secure in the future, I still have a belief pattern that there is not enough time.  Since my right eye is showing the start of a cataract this does not surprise me at all.  And of course, there is always more….

That said, I love the wonderful affirmation Louise Hay has given for cataracts –

Life is eternal and filled with joy.

This is the thinking pattern I most want to be awake, aware and alert to.

From my heart to yours,