Monday Mini Meditations

Each night I spend time looking at the stars whilst I take the puppy for his evening constitutional.

I am fascinated and awed by the mystery and the magic of these billions and billions of shining, twinkling, sparkling lights in the velvet night sky, the sea of space.

Yet, even more intriguing to me is that my body and your body are made of stardust – dust that was created in the furnace of a supernova explosion, the fiery death of a star.

We are made of the cosmos and connected to the cosmos and one another via these star materials.

What that literally means is that you are a star!

Are you showing up as the “rock” star of your own life?

It doesn’t matter if you are a gardener or an English Lord, a barista or an engineer, a wife and mother or a prime minister, poor or rich, young or old, you have that star quality.   You are one of the over 6 billion earth “rock” stars that are constantly radiating energy and emitting light.

Do you want your light and energy to be bright, bold and sparkling, lighting up the darkness, or do you disappear into the sea of space?

How do you become a star in your life?

Develop yourself – learn, grow, discover, meditate. Build a star attitude by becoming the best you can be at being yourself.

You will know you are shining brightly in your patch of the cosmos when you can handle life’s twists and turns with grace, fortitude and valour.

Step outside tonight and look to the stars.  Soak up their light essence and let it connect with your own body of stardust. Feel yourself awed by the immense beauty of starlight and recognise that this beauty is also within you. Sense the magnitude and power of star energy and breathe it in. Then as you breathe out connect with the magnitude and power of your own energy. It is the same.

From my heart to yours,