The power and passion of Attunement

I received my very first Attunement in 2002 and immediately felt something change for me.

My body responded to this non-touch energy technique almost as if it already knew it, and my mind wanted to know all about it. I could barely wait to start Attunement classes.

In fact the more I discovered about Attunement, the more I loved it. There seemed to be so many layers to it – each taking me deeper and deeper into the awareness of how profound and powerful Attunement was, and with that came a sense of deeper personal awareness as well.  I developed a passion for this beautiful way of sharing sacred time, either alone or with others.

Today I would love to share a little about Attunement with you.

Attunement technique

The main Attunement technique focuses on balancing the endocrine gland system, and although there are a number of other techniques, this is the primary one, for a very good reason.

On a physical level the endocrine system releases hormones into the body that help to maintain the body’s homeostasis or balance.

On a spiritual level these glands are energy portals by which the power of the Divine moves through the body into the physical dimensions and becomes manifest on earth.

On all levels, energetic and physical, these endocrine gateways provide the means to restore balance to daily living.

The essence of Attunement

For me the power of Attunement is further enriched by the particular spirit and qualities each gland has associated with it. I have listed them below, but the key is to really work with them on a very deep level.

  • Gonads (ovaries & testes) – Spirit of New Earth – Patience
  • Adrenals – Spirit of Single Eye (focus) – Tranquillity
  • Pancreas – Spirit of Blessing – Realisation
  • Thyroid – Spirit of Purification – Assurance
  • Thymus – Spirit of Life – Radiance
  • Pituitary – Spirit of Truth – Wisdom
  • Pineal – Spirit of Love – Love

These spirits and qualities have, for me, been very profound and have become a “treasure” map for living.

I am passionate about them because, time and time again, they have proven out to be accurate and in alignment with the Truth of Life, both for myself and when sharing Attunements with others. They give me direct insights into what is working in my life and what is not.

They also give me the opportunity to make choices around how I live.

For instance, when I choose the Spirit of Divine Love as the key motivation in my life, and when I am connected with LOVE and aware that in truth all is LOVE, I am able to let go of my own fears, resentments and judgements. I am also able to become aware that living any other way is not healthy or healing for me.

When I am not in tune with these spirits, my vibrational gateways, the endocrine glands, become energetically sluggish, my life becomes more challenging, and it is difficult to move creatively with the flow of Love, Truth & Life.

Create your life with Attunement 

I think from the moment Attunement came into my life, I began to understand more clearly how to engage in LIFE. Here were some exquisite tools that I could access any time to enhance my daily living experience, no matter what was showing up in my world.

No longer did it feel like life was happening to me; rather I was crafting how I showed up in my world, through having regular Attunements, and by working with the Attunement spirits and qualities and the choice points they offered me.

It is a blessing to have access to the richness of an energy technique that supports me in becoming more fully aligned with the Divine and to also have the “map” to living a healthier, fuller, richer and more loving life.

Who couldn’t be passionate about that?