Monday Mini Meditations

This week I am getting a puppy “fix” dog-sitting my daughter’s two Labradors Angus and Tumby.

Just as their colours are totally different – golden and chocolate – so too are their personalities.  It is very interesting to observe their behaviours.

Angus, the older of the two is a little quieter, more sensitive, prone to anxiety on occasion, obedient, aware and connected.

Tumby is boisterous, impatient, assertive, energetic, rough and tumble, inquisitive and more self-centred.

Although these two guys have the general characteristics of their breed, they have their own unique individual personalities, which at times can be incredibly endearing and heartwarming and at other times equally frustrating and irritating.

It led me to contemplating our human experience and our individual personalities.

We all have unique personalities shaped by our genetics, upbringing, culture, life experiences, beliefs, values, and the personal energy signature we brought with us when we incarnated.

It is through our personality and perspective that we interpret and experience life, and no two people will have the same interpretation, outlook and experience. 

So whilst we are not our personality, because of course we are magnificent spiritual beings, it is the cloak we have put on for this lifetime to learn, grow and change.

Usually there are conundrums or challenges within our personalities that are specifically designed to support us to evolve.  On the one hand we may be incredibly loving, caring and kind generally, but have moments or even days when we are short, sharp, angry and dictatorial.   We can be wise intelligent and supportive and then just as easily be slow thinking, reactive and hurtful.  And sometimes we are just not sure which bit is going to pop up when.

Most people want to embrace only those parts that are positive and try to avoid or hide the other bits at all costs.

I know from personal experience that this does not really work.  All that happens is the bits that we want to keep hidden pop up over and over and we can begin to feel like we have no control over who we are and how we behave.  This can lead to a downward spiral of anger and depression if left unchecked.

How to accept, integrate and love those aspects of ourselves that we dislike, judge or waste so much energy trying to hide?

That is the million dollar question.

The key, I believe, is first and foremost to know and understand the type of personality energies you have brought with you in this incarnation.  Knowing the personality cloak you have donned for this lifetime is very freeing.  Ah, this is who I am, these are the energies I have, sometimes I play out the lower vibrations and other times I play out the higher vibrations.  How can I leverage my energy so that I can bring greater awareness to my behaviour and interactions and work with the conundrums or challenges?

Actually I feel it is an incredibly exciting adventure to learn about and understand our personalities. A lifetime archaeological dig, an inner voyage better than any movie plot, with twists, turns, tweaks and treasure and barely a dull moment.

A few years ago I discovered something called Human Design and had a personal chart created using my place of birth, time of birth and date of birth. I was so inspired by the accuracy of this personality assessment tool, I decided to learn more about it for myself and have since gone on to share its brilliance and insights with others.

If you feel you are standing on the cliff edge of your personality conundrums and wish to take the leap into understanding yourself and integrating your own idiosyncrasies and gifts more deeply, than a Human Design chart is a wonderful way to start.

I would be happy and honoured to support your on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment through Human Design. Included in each reading I offer is an individually designed meditation just for you. To find out more, or to make a booking, please contact me direct here.

Below are just a couple of testimonials from empowered clients :

“I was guided to Cynthia by my spiritual guides in that I was a chosen contestant winner of her gift.  Her intuitive talents along  with the individual  human design she does– gave her an excellent view into my life purpose and who I am as a person. She was amazingly accurate and in detail–without knowing anything about me!!! She was able to validate for me that I am definitely on the right path and also giving details to enhance my physical well-being.  I am always guided by spirit and have no doubt that this was spiritually guided for the validations and also for the information that Cynthia has given me to complete my dream!! And then there’s the icing on the cake so to speak with Cynthia’s beautiful meditation designed just for me!  Thank you Cynthia for your caring, intuitive and compassionate view you generously offer with your gift!!”  Vivian A. Alberta, Canada

“I have found my sessions focusing on my Human Design chart with Cynthia very enlightening. Essentially she has helped me lay a frame work of self-care, that respects my unique energetic makeup. In her kind, respectful & supportive manner Cynthia provided me with a strategy & practical go to tools that I can use to nurture & support my unique energetic self.  Thank you Cynthia for your support & insights.”   Jenni D.  Gawler, South Australia

Understanding your personality empowers your life, and supports you to live the life you love.

From my heart to yours,