Empower your Heart with Joy

JOY  – Just Open Yourself

To what do you open, to create more joy in your life?   Have you thought of the natural world?

In ages past people were in tune with natural rhythms and cycles of nature. They honoured the Earth and followed the turn of the seasons with celebration and ritual. They opened to and lived in alignment with the natural order of things, innately understanding that this also supported their own health and wellbeing.

In our modern day world, all too often we get swept up in the ‘busy-ness’ of day to day living. The beauty, richness, texture and messages of the natural world are frequently overlooked.

Watch this You Tube of a stunning moonrise.  This video was taken in real time and demonstrates the beauty and glory of nature at its finest. Take a moment to notice how your senses engage with this moving experience and let the feelings move through you.

Being with nature nourishes our souls and creates joy in our hearts.

On Friday 20th March the New Moon and a Solar Eclipse are occurring and some hours later the Autumn Equinox will take place. This is a potent energetic gateway for releasing old patterns, opening to new energies, setting intentions and accessing higher wisdom, whilst participating in meditation, sacred ceremony and ritual.

Why not harness this energetic gateway to open to more joy in your life?  Gather together a group of friends, or set aside time to be alone. Light a candle and create a sacred space. Call in your angels and guides. Then journal your intentions. Where do you need to bring more balance into your life? What new creations are waiting to emerge? What do you need to clarify? What is holding you back? How can you align with the wisdom of nature and open to more joy?

When your journaling is complete, move into a silent meditation, accessing and communing with your angels and your own higher wisdom and guidance. Then complete this sacred time with ceremony or ritual – a blessing, an offering, aligning with nature – whatever your guidance indicates.

Joyfully trust that you have opened to a new cycle of creation in your life.