Monday Mini Meditations

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Australia.  I was blessed to spend a beautiful day with my husband and two of my lovely daughters and their partners.

And it was heartwarming to see so many families honouring the mothering energy.  Which led me to ponder the archetypal energy of the Divine Feminine.

This energy is within all of us, male and female, but has often been dismissed, downplayed, ignored, disdained and rejected, considered to be too weak, soft or sensitive.

Yet this feminine energy yields deep secrets and wisdom if we dare to relax into her embrace.

She is a complex and powerful kaleidoscope of energy and comprises, I believe, three particular aspects:

Maiden energy – the young impulsive, joyful, light and initiating energy of the Divine Feminine.  At times maiden energy can be a little unruly and impulsive unless it is skilfully guided.  Through a deep connection to Mother Earth and her love, this energy is tempered.    Mother Earth holds and enfolds the maiden energy in a way that is grounded and present and able to manifest in the physical.

Mother energy – the nurturing, caring, creative, fertile and productive energy of the Divine Feminine.  This requires a deep heart connection to our own selves and to all things.  The mothering energy is first and foremost about self-nurture and self-love.  From this place, the loving energy can be shared and goes on to sustain all of life, via the mother’s passions and creations.  Mothering energy abounds when heart energy is free and unrestricted.

Matriarch energy – the wise elder, the spiritual oracle, the visionary, the goddess energy of the Divine Feminine.  There is deep spiritual awareness and connection to the Divine.  From this sacred space the matriarch energy surveys the bigger picture of life and is a guiding force in bringing wisdom and power to the world.  Divine reverence and a regular spiritual practice calls forth the energies of the matriarch.

With focus, awareness, intuition and meditation we can choose to activate these energies in ourselves. We can engage in ritual practices that connect us to the Earth, heal and open our hearts, and encourage spiritual awareness.

When we call on the aspects of the Divine Feminine to support us on our life journey, whether we are male or female, we bring much needed balance, healing and love to the world.

From my heart to yours,