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Presence Galore

Do you wake up in the morning and step straight into living with presence and being in the present moment?

Or do you wake up feeling stressed thinking about all the burdens of the day before you have even begun?  Or even worse, are you immediately playing out some old thinking or worry pattern, the one you repeat day after day, in your head?  You know where you tell yourself the same old self-defeating stories about your weight, your health, your abilities, your looks, your energy, your life, your finances, your relationships, your job, to name a few!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would like to share with you some of my favourite tips for staying in the moment, for being present.

Because I was and still can be the queen of meddlesome thought patterns, I have had a lot of practice discovering ways to shift out of habitual worrisome thinking.

My favourite is just being present.

These are some of the things I love to do to give me presence galore: read more…

Easter and New Beginnings

Monday Mini Meditations

The Easter season is almost over.  I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday break.

I am spending time with family in the Adelaide Hills and indulging in all the good things – chocolate, delicious food and wine.

The celebration of Easter symbolises new beginnings; letting go of that which is no longer useful, relevant or even supportive and revelling in the power of the now and the new possibilities that offers.

Living in the present moment provides the perfect space and place to access new beginnings.  Being in the now is free from the ties of the past and the tensions of the future.  It offers a choice to see anew, feel anew, express anew, create anew.

As you read this right now, consider what is being called forth in you for new beginnings? read more…

Are you missing out on the present moment?

Monday Mini Meditations

Have you ever come home from a walk or a drive and realized you actually remember very little of it?

Have you ever noticed a bruise or cut on your body and had no recollection of how it may have got there?

Have you ever walked away after an entire conversation and recognised that you can’t remember a word the other person said, or that you have lost whole parts of the conversation?

Have you ever walked into a doorway, car bumper bar or tripped over a step when rushing?

What is the common denominator here?

Well, if you answered yes to any or all of these questions,  you have probably been lost in your thoughts.  That’s right, thinking about something that has happened in the past, worrying about something in the future, considering what to say or do next, or lost in a train of repetitive thought.

In other words, you have not been present with what you were doing. read more…

Are you inviting your thoughts to high tea?

Monday Mini Meditations

Welcome to another Monday Mini Meditations.  Perhaps you are intrigued by the heading of today’s meditation – are you inviting your thoughts to high tea?

It was prompted by this quote:

Shunryu Suzuki is referring here to the practice of mindfulness.  Letting the thoughts come and go and simply observing them flowing through the mind without attachment. read more…

Value the Stillness

Monday Mini Meditations

Hi there wonderful fellow meditators,

I sat down today to write my blog and realised that this week I didn’t have any idea what to share. Immediately my mind went into overdrive searching to quickly find the answer and get the blog written.


I decided to practice what I preach and sit for 15 minutes in stillness, quietly listening for inspiration.  My mind and body didn’t really want to comply.  Fidgeting and overthinking, I became aware that I was feeling as if I was actually wasting time sitting still.

Then I heard the words “value the stillness” in my head. read more…

Why you are a miracle?

Monday Mini Meditations


Welcome to another week of mindful possibilities.  I am happy to leave last week behind as it turned into a bit of a muddle when I crashed in a sneezing-coughing heap.  Whilst not a pretty picture it fortunately wasn’t anything too serious.  Just enough to stop me in my tracks for a day or two.

What this did do for me is create awareness.  How I love the power of awareness!

I was deeply reminded of how blessed I am to have extremely good health 99% of the time.  My body, comprised of over 100 trillion cells (according to some stats) operating in unison and harmony, functions effortlessly in the background, whilst I just go about my daily living.

I am a living breathing miracle.

read more…

How to soothe the inner savage

Monday Mini Meditations

Hello and welcome to another gorgeous week,

Today I would like to share with you a simple little exercise that will not only take your stress levels down but can also be used just before commencing your meditation practice.  Either way it helps to realign your energies and decrease tension.

This exercise calms the Triple Warmer energy meridian.  Triple Warmer is our energetic watchdog, keeping us safe from danger and involved in activating the fight, flight or freeze response.  Unfortunately, in this modern age, TW can become overwhelmed and stay on high alert continually which  is not so great for our health and well-being long-term.

I like to call this exercise Soothing the Inner Savage because when overly stressed or reactive the inner cave wo/man can take over.   read more…

Your big toe – a stress release tool?

Monday Mini Meditations

Welcome to another Monday Mini Meditations,

I hope that you had lots of time to practice your meditation skills last week.

I personally had many wonderful opportunities to practice my own skills.  My week was full with clients, meditation classes, courses, family, home and overseas visitors.  At times it seemed I was literally running from one thing to another and as can happen for me I tend to get a little stressed and anxious when there is not quite enough spaciousness.

Now probably this doesn’t happen for you, but I am going to admit here that sometimes I forget all my meditation and self-care tools when I am super busy and feeling stressed.  The very thing that supports me and keeps me out of the stress response can be my last ‘go to’, resulting in one crabby and anxious woman.  Not so nice to be around at all.

I was determined not to let that happen last week, and although I didn’t necessarily accomplish it in every moment, I am happy to report that I popped out the other end of the week feeling relatively successful.

You have all heard before how much I love three deep and long breaths for stress release. It’s quick, simple and seems to change the whole body physiology.

However, my super favourite is being aware of my body – noticing my big toe, the soles of my feet, the palms of my hands, the top of my head, putting a mini smile on my face.  All of these bring me back into myself and out of the “crazy” woman zone. read more…

Are you suffering from information overload?

Monday Mini Meditations

Have you ever wondered how much information you process each day?

I was astounded to discover that we receive over 174 newspapers of data each day, and on top of that there are emails, social media and 24 hour news cycles. We also send out over 6 newspapers each day in emails, social media and photographs, according to Dr Martin Hilbert  of the University of California.

Dr Hilbert states we are receiving more than 5 times the data we were receiving only 20 years ago.

Does just the thought of this make your brain spin?

If you have ever felt like you are on an information treadmill, this is why.  In fact, these statistics were released in 2007 so I am sure the figures have only evolved.

This is the informational age we live in and it is clearly not going to change any time soon.

Although our brains are actually very good at adapting and mutating to receiving and understanding new information, this tsunami of information is causing brain overload resulting in fatigue, fuzziness, scattered thinking and sleep difficulties.

Personally, when I open my email account and see over 100 emails sitting there, I feel my shoulders tense and my brain go into overdrive. The stress of even getting started, let alone focusing on all these emails is sometimes palpable.

I often long for time out from this dizzying deluge of data.

I do have my own personal antidote though! read more…

The sounds of silence

Monday Mini Meditations

Welcome to another Monday Mini Meditations,

I have just had a wonderful three day break at Rawnsley Park Station in the Flinders Ranges.  What a stunning location!  Everything was especially beautiful and green at this time of the year after the heavy rains a month ago.

Hubby and I stayed in a charming eco-villa with a magnificent view.  Pure indulgence!

Yet the real luxury for me was the silence.  Waking up and falling asleep in blissful quietness.  Only the sounds of our own breathing, the occasional tweet of a little bird or a slight breeze in the trees. We were completely removed from the usual noisy strains of daily living.

As an added bonus, we had no internet access or phone coverage.

Here is what I discovered about myself and being in silence: read more…

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