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Cycles and Celebration

Monday Mini Meditations

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for a much planned and long-awaited four week holiday overseas. It will be a chance to relax, unwind and enjoy a change of scenery, cultures and experiences.

I am super excited, to say the least.

Whilst I am away I am going to give myself a gift – minimal media exposure. This will especially translate into blog-free time for me.

Last year I set a goal to write a blog every week for a year and (drum roll please) I have succeeded, although I did take a Christmas break.

It has been a fun journey and I have learnt much along the way about myself, my beliefs and life in general. I also loved the opportunity to inspire others to explore new perspectives and deepen their awareness of meditation. read more…

Sacred symbols, empowered heart and the journey back to truth

Monday Mini Meditations

A few years back I decided to re-name my business Empowered Heart.  The name encapsulated the energy and the learning from my own journey back to my heart.  I prayed it would resonate with others and energetically invite them to take a journey on the ‘wild and wonderful’ side.  The destination – a heart-centred existence.

In the process I had a logo created by a business associate which perfectly encapsulated my insight. The symbol, I believe, beautifully represents the vision and substance of Empowered Heart, and speaks to those who view it, whether they are aware of it or not.

Did you know that symbols can have an profound effect on consciousness, behaviours and understanding?  Just gazing at a symbol once can change us. We instinctively and energetically know the meanings behind the symbols without getting our thinking mind involved.

So you will “get” this symbol.  But I want to share with you in written form a little of the magic I believe it holds.

read more…

Meditation – every body needs it

Monday Mini Meditations

This week flew by just so quickly.  Has it been the same for you?

My eldest daughter Candice and I enjoyed a coffee break and some delightful and meaningful conversation on Friday morning.

Candice expressed her recent challenges with sleeping due to her heavy “to do” list.  Her business is expanding with some construction underway that has a definitive time line, and she has a large property, sprawling country home, 2 horses, 1 pony and 2 labradors all requiring a lot of her time and attention.

At bedtime she could get to sleep quickly but then was awake around 2am for a few hours.  Alternatively she woke at 4.30am and remained awake until it was time to get up.

Not only did this frustrate her, she felt extremely tired and it was a challenge at times to get through the day.

I was thrilled to hear Candice share how valuable using meditation has been for her – either as a way to get to sleep or as a tool to stay calm and relaxed when she could not sleep.  She also used it to release stress after a long and busy day.

She declared it to be extremely beneficial.

read more…

Celebration, inspiration and what I know for sure

Monday Mini Meditations

Last week a dear friend of mine celebrated her 81st birthday.

She stayed at my home for a few days and we enjoyed time together, a coffee outing, fun with the dogs and a trip to see the musical Mathilda, which was entertaining and inspiring.

She also joined my Monday Morning Meditation class bringing her unique energy, essence and presence to the grouping and sharing the wisdom and inspiration of the wise elder.

Indeed, she truly is a wise elder.  Although her life has not been easy by any means, she has navigated it as best she could, whilst continually seeking a sense of purpose and meaning in her experience.

In that journey she has always chosen to grow and expand herself.  In fact her favourite saying in her 70’s was “I am growing myself”.

For her there is no getting old sitting in front of the television set, bemoaning the passing of the “good ol’ days” and marking time whilst waiting to die.  She still lives life to the full, seeking, exploring, investigating.  In fact she studied Attunement (energy healing) and also became a meditation teacher in her 70’s. read more…

Are you leveraging your personal energies?

Monday Mini Meditations

This week I am getting a puppy “fix” dog-sitting my daughter’s two Labradors Angus and Tumby.

Just as their colours are totally different – golden and chocolate – so too are their personalities.  It is very interesting to observe their behaviours.

Angus, the older of the two is a little quieter, more sensitive, prone to anxiety on occasion, obedient, aware and connected.

Tumby is boisterous, impatient, assertive, energetic, rough and tumble, inquisitive and more self-centred.

Although these two guys have the general characteristics of their breed, they have their own unique individual personalities, which at times can be incredibly endearing and heartwarming and at other times equally frustrating and irritating.

It led me to contemplating our human experience and our individual personalities.

We all have unique personalities shaped by our genetics, upbringing, culture, life experiences, beliefs, values, and the personal energy signature we brought with us when we incarnated.

It is through our personality and perspective that we interpret and experience life, and no two people will have the same interpretation, outlook and experience.  read more…

Are you a rock star?

Monday Mini Meditations

Each night I spend time looking at the stars whilst I take the puppy for his evening constitutional.

I am fascinated and awed by the mystery and the magic of these billions and billions of shining, twinkling, sparkling lights in the velvet night sky, the sea of space.

Yet, even more intriguing to me is that my body and your body are made of stardust – dust that was created in the furnace of a supernova explosion, the fiery death of a star.

We are made of the cosmos and connected to the cosmos and one another via these star materials.

What that literally means is that you are a star!

Are you showing up as the “rock” star of your own life? read more…

Thought patterns and dis-ease

Monday Mini Meditations

Last Wednesday I finally had a cataract operation on my left eye, something I had been putting off for a while.

I knew that it was a fairly straightforward operation, but still felt some nerves at the thought of an operation on my eye.

Well I must say, that it proved to be relatively uneventful and pain free and I am so grateful for the skilled specialist who did the surgery.  There is something to be said about the blessings of the modern medical paradigm in these types of health issues.

The big surprise for me is just how bright and light everything is, how easy it is to read the subtitles on the TV and numberplates on cars.  It has also been wonderful to be able to clearly see the road ahead, particularly when driving at night and in poor weather conditions.

It led me to thinking a lot about this physical ailment and what it represented on an energetic level.

I checked out Louise Hay’s book “Heal your Body” and the probable cause of a cataract is “Inability to see ahead with joy.  Dark future”.

In Annette Noontil’s book “The Body is the Barometer of the Soul” she mentions something similar, “You are not seeing any future for yourself”, but she also adds “You are not sharing your knowledge or skills which enables you to take in more new things”.

I personally believe that mental thought patterns form our experience.  For every experience in life there is a thought pattern that precedes it.  When we are unaware of these thought patterns they can easily become deeply entrenched in our makeup and our thinking.

The power for all of us lies in being awake, aware and alert.

read more…

Mother’s Day & The Divine Feminine

Monday Mini Meditations

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Australia.  I was blessed to spend a beautiful day with my husband and two of my lovely daughters and their partners.

And it was heartwarming to see so many families honouring the mothering energy.  Which led me to ponder the archetypal energy of the Divine Feminine.

This energy is within all of us, male and female, but has often been dismissed, downplayed, ignored, disdained and rejected, considered to be too weak, soft or sensitive.

Yet this feminine energy yields deep secrets and wisdom if we dare to relax into her embrace.

She is a complex and powerful kaleidoscope of energy and comprises, I believe, three particular aspects: read more…

What do you love about yourself?

Monday Mini Meditations

This morning in meditation group I asked the lovely ladies to share something they liked about themselves.

There were interesting and varied responses, but overall it felt a little like drawing teeth.

One woman commented that in her culture it was considered inappropriate to notice or talk about oneself in a loving way.

For many, we have been taught that we are self-centred, prideful, “showing off”, even narcissistic, if we love and appreciate ourselves.

Much of the time the focus is purely on what is actually wrong with us, which leads to spending a lifetime feeling “less than” and constantly trying to change and be “better”, or giving up completely and having the program of deep dislike running constantly in the background. read more…

Consciousness, marriage, science & more

Monday Mini Meditations

Last Wednesday my husband and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary with a lovely dinner at the local Club.  It was great to reminisce about the day and to compare our memories of this momentous occasion in our lives.

What I most remember is the joyful anticipation of starting our new lives together and being passionately in love with this handsome man.  I felt so secure in our relationship and my expectations were nothing less than that this would be a “perfect” marriage.

Well of course that is not the way life works!  The rhythm of life includes ebbs and flows, ups and downs, joys and difficulties, and marriage is not exempt from that. read more…

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