Imagine if you could live a happier, healthier and more meaningful life just by spending a quiet few minutes with yourself each day.

This is the heart of meditation, one of the most powerful self-care tools available to us. The simple act of focussing your attention on the present moment is profoundly transformational. Relaxation, nourishment, energy, rejuvenation and inspiration all come with regular meditation. This incredible tool can even act as a conduit to connect with your higher spirit, giving you greater clarity over your life direction. All of this is available to each of us right now — for free.

But, while we’ve all heard of the amazing benefits of daily meditation, many of us struggle with this seemingly simple practice.

Perhaps you imagine uncomfortably contorting yourself into the lotus position. Perhaps you feel unable to stop the snowstorm of thoughts. Or  you feel bored witless attempting to do nothing for a half an hour. In truth, meditation is the exact opposite of doing nothing. Rather, meditation supports you to become aware of your mental chatter so you can shift your focus and achieve greater clarity.

Work with me

One-on-one coaching with bonus personalised meditation recording

Step towards healing and deep personal relaxation while reconnecting with your wise self. During a one-hour consultation at my studio in Greenock or via Skype, we hone in on your stress points, fears and blocks. I then offer intuitive wisdom and guidance on how to harness the power of meditation to move forward. After the consultation, I create a guided meditation personalised especially for you, which is sent to you as an audio recording to download and use on any device at any time.


One-hour consult + personalised meditation recording = $100

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Weekly group meditations for all ages and experience levels

My 90-minute guided meditation classes cater for both beginners and advanced meditators and are generally focussed around stress release, relaxation and self empowerment.  The five-week group classes are run from my meditation studio in Greenock. Class sizes are capped at 8 people, ensuring an intimate and supportive environment.

I am a member of the International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association (IMTTA) and the International Teachers Meditation Association (IMTA) and have been teaching meditation for over 8 years.IMTA Logo


5 x 90-minute group meditation session = $100   Early Bird Fees may apply.   Visit my online shop for course details and next dates.

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Intensive afternoon meditation retreats

A more intensive introduction to meditation, my four-hour retreats help you find the meditation style best suited to you. Under my expert guidance and in small groups of no more than 10 people, you experience a wide variety of meditation styles during short bursts of meditation followed by group discussion and journalling time. Each retreat runs from 1pm to 5pm at my studio in Greenock and includes a healthy afternoon tea.


Four-hour retreat + afternoon tea = $60

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Gentle guided meditation audio recordings for download

Want access to guided meditation at any time? My channelled 10-minute meditation uses healing white light to integrate, revitalise and realign your energies including your chakras, DNA and the endocrine system. Combining the powerful resonance of my words with precisely tuned sound frequencies, this meditation supports you on your journey to living an authentic, empowered and passionate life. The meditation is delivered as a downloadable audio recording available for use on any device at any time.


Ten-minute audio meditation = $9.99

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I have personally practiced meditation almost daily for the past two decades.

I have worked as a meditation teacher since 2008, running classes both from my own studio in Greenock, South Australia (pictured right) and until recently from the Riverdell Spiritual Centre in Gawler, South Australia.  I am a certified meditation teacher and holistic counsellor with IMTTA and a member of  the International Meditation Teachers Association.IMTA Logo

I have had the privilege of witnessing profound positive life changes in clients who have started meditating regularly.

I would be honoured to support you on your journey to discovering and embracing the benefits of regular meditation for stress relief, inner peace, healing and life clarity.

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Testimonials – Meditation for Mums/Busy People

  • Thank you so much for teaching me more about meditation and great tips to de-stress.  These evenings have been beautiful times spent with beautiful people.  I want to come again.  Vanessa
  • A lovely reminder of the importance to take time out for myself and invest in my wellbeing.  Thoroughly enjoyed the new and the revision of some known relaxation techniques.  Melissa 
  • I have learnt so many techniques to use in different aspects of my life.  I know and feel I am a better person and I have a better understanding of my life and my world around me.  Donna 
  • Its a fantastic way to release stress, take time out for self preservation, rest and repair the mind.  Tanya
  • I have enjoyed and looked forward to this meditation and found it very useful.  Dianne

Learn meditation with Cynthia Helbig in Greenock, South Australia

Testimonials – Basic Meditation for Stress Relief/Self Development

The self-awareness I have learnt during the course is invaluable.  Cynthia creates a safe and loving environment in which to heal and connect.  Natalie 

Thank you Cynthia for enabling me to achieve the goals I had in mind when setting out on my meditation journey with you.  It has become an integral part of daily life, and my saviour in many ways.  Kathy

Cynthia has a gentle nature which flows through the meditation sessions.  Cathie

Guided meditations have allowed me to re-focus my thoughts and energy as well as give me skills and encouragement to meditate more often and thus alleviate stresses of everyday living.  Judi

Thank you for helping me on my path to where I always should have been.  I am not sure what led me to your help and enlightenment, but I will forever be grateful.  I look forward to your guidance further through my life’s journey.  Niki

What an amazing experience. I learnt so much more than meditation and stress management.  It was also about the llife skills to help me through the bad times and also how to embrace and enjoy the good times.  Megan 

Cynthia’s meditation course far exceeded my expectations.  A beautiful and tranquil room, Cynthia’s soothing and calming meditations and wisdom, and very useful and informative take-home notes, made it a valuable healing and motivational experience.  Rosalie