Monday Mini Meditations

Hello gorgeous Monday Meditators,

As I write this I am in beautiful sunny Brisbane Queensland for a week staying with my wonderful middle daughter Alana.

For some reason I love the vibe of Brisbane and even though it is a large city I never tire of visiting. There are pockets of great beauty and energy even amidst the bland pavements and ceaseless traffic and noise of city life.

Our house balcony overlooks a tiny slice of rainforest with all manner of plants wildly growing easily and naturally – the very same plants that for many years I lovingly tried to cultivate as pot plants in our cold South Australian climate, sometimes with more success than others.

But all has not been as perfect as expected.  I left home with a sore throat and arrived in Brisbane with a full blown “man-size” cold.  I spent a couple of days sleeping and resting as I wrestled with the variety of symptoms that showed up.

Yet whenever I looked out of the windows of the house or sat on the balcony, the rich greenery of the rainforest closed around me and gave me healing energy.  I could literally feel it.

With each breath I drank in the abundant hues of green, subtly changed by shadow and sunlight as the hours passed by. Green flowed into my energy field and body and delicately balanced and restored equilibrium. Nature herself breathed fresh new life into me through the plants and trees and the vibrant rays of the warm sun in the afternoons.  I was surrounded by restorative energy and all I literally had to do was take the time to be aware of it and open my heart to receiving this healing balm of life.

Of course, at all times when we are not well it is wise to take care of ourselves in the best way possible.  Yet being by nature, or meditating on nature and nature’s colours, can provide an added support to recovery, even if at the very least this just lifts the spirits for a few moments.

Give it a go, even when you are well, and notice the subtle effects.

From my heart to yours,


Rainforest view