It’s time to embrace a vibrant and spiritually centred physical life, creating access to more joy, love, energy and fulfilment in each and every moment.

I believe the key to unlocking this deeply fulfilling way of life is finding balance between our two worlds – the spiritual and physical. But often this process throws up deep-seated resistance and painful blocks that can feel impossible to move through. That’s where my transformational one-on-one life coaching sessions come in.

Using a range of powerful tools and techniques I have studied over the past two decades, I support you to unlock your magnificent inner truth and fully align with your soul’s calling.

We tap into the deeply healing power of tools including Human Design charting, Emotional Freedom Tapping, meditation, angel communication, creative visualisation, affirmations and journaling. Together, we release resistance, integrate aspects of your physical self and then move you into wonderous alignment with your sacred self.

“Cynthia has the ability to lead me gently and safely toward whatever I need to work on. Then we move through the issue and all its layers using specific techniques, as guided by Cynthia. There are many great ‘ah ha’ moments as things become clearer. I always leave feeling totally relaxed and with more insight.”

Marie S

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Three-session package

Tailored for your unique needs, my package of three weekly 60-minute sessions will kick-start deep and lasting healing and connection. Sessions are held in person at my clinic in Greenock, South Australia, or anywhere in the world via Skype.


3 x 60-minute sessions = $220 (saving of $20)

Single 60-minute sessions are normally valued at $80.

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Six-session package

Dive deep with my tailored package of six weekly 60-minute sessions. This full immersion style coaching package is designed to take you on a deeper journey to connect with your empowered heart. Sessions are held in person at my clinic in Greenock, South Australia, or anywhere in the world via Skype.


Buy five 60-minute sessions and get the sixth free.

Total package cost = $400 (saving of $80)

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These are the powerful tools I use to help you unlock your own empowered heart:

Human Design – This is your Angelic Blueprint, your Divine Design. Your Human Design chart is based on your birth date, time and place, and offers you a unique guide for living in full alignment with your gifts, strengths and talents. The chart visually represents the energetic wiring of your physical, mental and emotional bodies and how this integrates with your soul. By allowing me to map your Human Design chart, you will discover how to fully live your spiritual design, your soul’s calling, as a physical being on this planet.

Emotional Freedom Tapping – The body stores the memory of every experience – whether emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual – in its energetic vibration. EFT is a simple yet powerful technique for clearing this energetic baggage. It involves tapping the fingertips on specific meridian points or energetic pathways on the head and chest, while simultaneously voicing affirmations. This combination releases energy blockages and negative feelings and replaces them with forgiveness and love, empowering your heart to live wildly, freely and authentically. During our sessions, I introduce you to this wonderful healing technique and teach you how to use it yourself, in any situation.

Meditation – Meditation is a profoundly transformation tool on all levels. It weaves together the spiritual and physical and acts as a conduit to connection with your own innate wisdom and guidance, providing greater clarity and life direction. During our sessions, I often devise unique and personalised meditations designed especially to address your current situation and desires.

Angel communication – We are not alone on this life’s journey. There are many helpers hovering nearby waiting to support you. I tune into these loving, supportive and unique messages from your angels to guide you forward and empower your heart.

Creative visualisation – Visualisation is a potent way to connect with your soul’s divine vision. By harnessing the power of your imagination, you connect the spiritual and physical realms, creatively shifting energy and generating new possibilities and outcomes for daily living. I teach you exactly how to open up to the incredible power of your own imagination and reap its many beautiful benefits.

Affirmations – Regular use of positive affirmations from a deep place of loving self-kindness and spiritual connection translates into improved health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Tuning into where you are right now, I create individual and personalised affirmations that help you deeply connect with your soul, unlocking your wildest potential.

Journaling – Creative journaling activates both sides of the brain – the verbal, linear, and logical left brain as well as the creative, emotional, non-verbal and spiritual right brain. When both sides of the brain are aligned, wisdom on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – is easily accessible. Using personalised prompts and individualised exercises, I help you connect with your own profound wisdom through the pages of your journal.