Kind Words

“I have found my Human Design chart sessions with Cynthia very enlightening. She has helped me lay a framework of self-care, that respects my unique energetic makeup. In her kind, respectful & supportive manner Cynthia provided me with a strategy & practical go-to tools I can use to nurture & support my unique energetic self.  Thank you Cynthia for your support & insights.”   

Jenni D.

“Cynthia’s intuitive talents along with the individual human design she does, gave her an excellent view into my life purpose and who I am as a person. She was amazingly accurate and in detail without knowing anything about me! She was able to validate for me that I am definitely on the right path and also giving details to enhance my physical well-being. I am always guided by spirit and have no doubt that this was spiritually guided for the validations and also for the information that Cynthia has given me to complete my dream! And then there’s the icing on the cake, with Cynthia’s beautiful meditation designed just for me. Thank you Cynthia for your caring, intuitive and compassionate view you generously offer with your gift.”

Vivian A. Alberta, All That Will Be

“Cynthia has the ability to lead me gently and safely toward whatever I need to work on. Then we move through the issue and all its layers using specific techniques, as guided by Cynthia. There are many great ‘ah ha’ moments as things become clearer. I always leave feeling totally relaxed and with more insight.”

Marie S.

“Thank you so much for teaching me more about meditation and great tips to de-stress. These evenings have been beautiful times spent with beautiful people. I want to come again.”


“A lovely reminder of the importance to take time out for myself and invest in my wellbeing. Thoroughly enjoyed the new and the revision of some known relaxation techniques.”


“I have learnt so many techniques to use in different aspects of my life. I know and feel I am a better person and I have a better understanding of my life and my world around me.”


“It’s a fantastic way to release stress, take time out for self preservation, rest and repair the mind.”


“I have enjoyed and looked forward to this meditation and found it very useful.”


“The self-awareness I have learnt is invaluable. Cynthia creates a safe and loving environment in which to heal and connect.”


“Thank you Cynthia for enabling me to achieve the goals I had in mind when setting out on my meditation journey with you. It has become an integral part of daily life, and my saviour in many ways.”


“Cynthia has a gentle nature which flows through the meditation sessions.”


“Guided meditations have allowed me to re-focus my thoughts and energy as well as give me skills and encouragement to meditate more often and thus alleviate stresses of everyday living.”


“Thank you for helping me on my path to where I always should have been. I am not sure what led me to your help and enlightenment, but I will forever be grateful. I look forward to your guidance further through my life’s journey.”


“What an amazing experience. I learnt so much more than meditation and stress management. It was also about the life skills to help me through the bad times and also how to embrace and enjoy the good times.”


“Cynthia’s meditation course far exceeded my expectations. A beautiful and tranquil room, Cynthia’s soothing and calming meditations and wisdom, and very useful and informative take-home notes, made it a valuable healing and motivational experience.”


“Thank you Cynthia for generating an energy field so conducive to deep meditation and a sense of wholeness. The sessions were insightful and therapeutic.”

Frances W

“Being new to meditation I had no idea what to expect, but over the past 4 weeks I have gained so many lifelong skills to help me through challenging and stressful situations. I feel so much more confident about meditating on my own due to the skills and knowledge I’ve learnt.”

Chelsea G.

“A lovely journey of self-realisation and enlightenment. I am now armed with tools and strategies to keep my life calm and purposeful.”

Josie D.

“Meditation has enabled me to let go of so many things mentally and physically. I have learnt how to change my thoughts and reactions and it has allowed me to handle/manage many of life’s stressors and situations. I feel I have grown on so many levels. It is an amazing experience and journey.”

Tanya T.

“I found the course was great in making me aware of the amount of stress and finding ways to reduce stress and a great way to relax.”

Marie G.

“I felt that I was in a safe friendly environment. Thank you so much. The last four weeks were wonderful.”

Lisa P.

“Really enjoyed doing this course. Cynthia made me feel safe and relaxed. Cynthia’s format explained things clearly.”

Marie S.

“It has helped sooo much. The explanations of the clairsenses allowing me to be conscious and confident.”

Vicki E.

“A big thankyou. Cynthia has definitely enhanced the start of my 2017 transformation. Fantastic.”

Trudy H.

“Cynthia teaches from the heart – her compassion, wisdom and experience provided a very supportive container for our vulnerabilities and experiences.”