Monday Mini Meditations

The last few days we have heard the news of the very sad loss of lives in such a challenging way in Nice and also the attempted coup in Turkey that has also resulted in many deaths.

I personally feel an energetic shock wave when these things occur and I have to consciously choose to hold a space of steadiness and love, even in the midst of such tumultuous tragedy.

Yet I know in my heart that Love is the only true force for change in this world.

I invite you to choose Love too.

I have recorded a beautiful piece from “The Heart of Love” by Gail Swanson.  You can listen below.


Use these powerful words as your meditation for this week.  Whenever you might feel overwhelmed, saddened, angry or distressed, listen to these words and feel your heart open again to the truth of love.

Affirm to yourself that you bring the pure energies of love to your world.  Make each breath you draw a breath of love.

With deep love from my heart to yours,