Monday Mini Meditations

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for a much planned and long-awaited four week holiday overseas. It will be a chance to relax, unwind and enjoy a change of scenery, cultures and experiences.

I am super excited, to say the least.

Whilst I am away I am going to give myself a gift – minimal media exposure. This will especially translate into blog-free time for me.

Last year I set a goal to write a blog every week for a year and (drum roll please) I have succeeded, although I did take a Christmas break.

It has been a fun journey and I have learnt much along the way about myself, my beliefs and life in general. I also loved the opportunity to inspire others to explore new perspectives and deepen their awareness of meditation.

Sometimes, of course, it was challenging – a blank page can be very confronting.  But if I breathed, waited patiently and relaxed something always came through. Pretty much like a meditation really.

So I appreciate the fact that I have reached the end of this cycle.  And at the end of every cycle no matter how big or small a celebration is required to honour the journey.  I choose to honour the cycle by relaxing into the trip and enjoying a time of spaciousness whilst I open to the new possibilities of the next cycle on my return.

I may even celebrate with a glass of champagne.

And when I return, I am sure there will lots of creative, inspirational and juicy new things to share.

I look forward to catching up with you in August.

From my heart to yours,