Monday Mini Meditations







Hi there fellow meditators welcome to Monday Mini Meditations,

Well here it is another Monday and how the week flies by. Just last week I shared with you a meditation from the book “Cry Hope Positive Affirmations for Healthy Living” by Jan Veltman.  I do hope you enjoyed it.

Why did this tiny but powerful book lead me on such a significant journey?

Because for the first time in my life it made me aware of my own mind and the thoughts that were bouncing around totally out of control, like a mob of kangaroos in the top paddock.

Before “Cry Hope” I believed everything my mind was thinking. 

Before reading “Cry Hope” I had never ever considered what I was thinking, let alone if thoughts could be classified – was I choosing negative thoughts, wasteful thoughts, necessary thoughts or positive thoughts?  How much time was I spending on the “garbage” thoughts – the plain old negative thoughts about myself, my life or others, or the rather extravagantly concocted wasteful thoughts, which really amounted to worry or attempts to control something which usually did not occur?  Too much I became aware.

It is said that humans have around 60,000 thoughts a day and most of those are repetitive.  If most of my thoughts were focussed on the “garbage”, I wondered – how was I creating my life?  The answer was obvious in the anxiety and lack of joy I was experiencing.

After  reading “Cry Hope” I began to observe, monitor, question, change or re-arrange my thinking.

I observed the pain I was causing myself from the incessant, repetitive, automatic, critical, useless conversations I was having in my head. I began to monitor these thoughts and to question their validity.  It was challenging and required lots of attention and awareness to stop the old automatic thought streams.  Sometimes it seemed almost impossible and I wanted to give up.  But deep in my heart I knew that healthy creative positive thoughts was the only nourishing way for me to go.

Gradually I was able to replace useless thoughts by using positive affirmations.  I observed the most common themes of my thoughts and created affirmations that I could use automatically to counter them.  I had affirmations ready for those boring mundane tasks when my mind would slip into old “garbage”.  And I took every opportunity to source and create new affirmations that would resonate with me and improve energy flow.

I liked to breathe and affirm “I am free to be myself” regularly. I loved to meditate and repeat nourishing healthy phrases including “every day in every way I am getting better and better”. One of my particular favourites was and still is “I am a magnet for miracles”.

This is an ongoing journey. I have to constantly supervise and re-direct my thinking. Some days are much easier than others. Yet this is the way I continue to build my “psychic muscle” and empower my heart and life.

This week take time to observe your own thoughts. Write down the themes that re-occur in your thoughts. Notice what you say to yourself and how you say it. Explore the random thoughts your mind thinks? Do you believe them? Are they really true?

Next week look out for my recorded affirmation meditation to support you on your journey to building “psychic muscle”.

From my heart to yours,





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