Monday Mini Meditations

A few years back I decided to re-name my business Empowered Heart.  The name encapsulated the energy and the learning from my own journey back to my heart.  I prayed it would resonate with others and energetically invite them to take a journey on the ‘wild and wonderful’ side.  The destination – a heart-centred existence.

In the process I had a logo created by a business associate which perfectly encapsulated my insight. The symbol, I believe, beautifully represents the vision and substance of Empowered Heart, and speaks to those who view it, whether they are aware of it or not.

Did you know that symbols can have an profound effect on consciousness, behaviours and understanding?  Just gazing at a symbol once can change us. We instinctively and energetically know the meanings behind the symbols without getting our thinking mind involved.

So you will “get” this symbol.  But I want to share with you in written form a little of the magic I believe it holds.

The golden triangle provides the structure or container for the logo.  The base line is the connection between the embodied energy self – the physical being, and the transcendent energy self – the spiritual being.  The apex of the triangle symbolises Divine Love.

Every aspect of ourselves comes from and is connected to Divine Love, and is always seeking to return to Divine Love.  This knowledge changes the way we view life.  This makes every experience, every awareness, every event that has ever been or ever will be sacred.  It is from this awareness we naturally recognise that we have the creativity and the capacity within us to mine the gold of our incarnation here on Earth.

Inside the triangle is the pink heart lovingly encased in gold.  Heart is the gateway through which all our experiences flow.

  • Can we be comfortable letting down the barriers of the heart?
  • Can we open our hearts wide?
  • Can we have a loving and enlightened relationship with ourselves?
  • Can we reach our Divine potential?
  • Can we have loving and enlightened relationships with others?
  • Can we bring peace on earth?
  • Can we have a powerful and creative relationship with the Divine?
  • Can we recognise we are a spark of the Divine?

WE CAN when we have a deep understanding of the self and the soul, with the empowered heart as a gateway.

Resting on the side of the heart is the gold infinity symbol, a symbol for eternity, empowerment and everlasting Divine Love.  It is the loop of infinite potential and possibility that will always come around again and again. It symbolises the formless – the heaven, manifesting into form – earth, and the returning flow of form back into formless.

When the heart is clear and open the flow is uninterrupted, limitless, filled with possibility and potential.

The Empowered Heart naturally taps into alignment with the heavenly flow of Divine Love, lives from the Spirit of Truth and brings its True Purpose into Manifestation upon the Earth.

A heart that is weighted with unforgiveness, hurt, hate, despair, ignorance and more, blocks the flow of Life and Love and is buffeted about by the stormy waters of its own emotions.

The colours add another layer and meaning to this symbol.  Pink represents unconditional love and understanding for ourselves and others.  Gold encourages higher ideals and inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deeper understanding of self and the soul.

And I am sure there is more that mere words cannot encapsulate.

In my personal journey I had to first make peace with my body, my personality, my emotions, thoughts and behaviours and my ancestral and genetic inheritance.

These are my earth “clothes” donned for this lifetime.  Beneath those “clothes” is my spirit and potential as a Divine being supported by an Empowered Heart.  This is the true essence of me…… and you.

In my work, I love to share with my clients the tools and techniques I have learned on my journey to excavate the empowered heart.  That empowered energy within each and every one of us is so unique, powerful, exquisite and untamed.  That energy  is essential for our evolving world today.

During meditation I was guided to imbue this logo, these symbols, with additional love and light and sacred energies.  You only have to gaze upon the logo to receive the benefits.

When next you sit in meditation, soften your eyes, gaze at the logo and let it speak to your heart. Let it empower your heart to reach toward its full potential in the Spirit of Truth.

And if you feel inclined to work on excavating more of yourself and your unique capacity as an empowered heart, contact me here.  I will be happy to provide a free initial 20 minute consultation to discuss the process of empowering your heart and re-designing your life.

From my heart to yours,