Monday Mini Meditations






Hello everyone,

When you think of stress do you think of the really big issues – loss of a job or relationship, illness, moving – as major contributors?

Well yes, these do have a big impact on the body, but there is something even more debilitating – chronic ongoing low-grade stress on a daily basis.

And what is even more insidious is that often we do not realise we are contributing to this stress pattern ourselves.

Let me ask you “What do you say to yourself day in, day out?” or actually “Do you even notice what you say?”

Stop and listen to your inner dialogue and notice if any of these come up:

  • I can’t do it
  • I am just not smart enough/ good enough
  • This always happens to me
  • I never get it right
  • I am so fat/thin/ugly/useless/old – substitute the appropriate words here.
  • I just can’t believe I did that again

Blah! blah! blah!

Chronic patterns of selfhate, guilt, and self-criticism raise the body’s stress levels and weaken the immune system”. — Louise LHay.   The Power Within.

When we say these things our energy system – body, mind and spirit – is under continual attack.  This attack is internal, not external, and is like having the enemy live within the village walls.

The effect is fear.  Constant fear creates restriction, anxiousness, depression, fatigue, ill-health.

We need to uncover the enemy – notice our thoughts; rehabilitate the enemy – change the thoughts; and make the village – our body, mind and spirit – safe, peaceful and a loving place to live.

Sometimes we need help with this, particularly when thought patterns have become very ingrained or stem from childhood experiences.

But the first step is to simply notice the thoughts. If you find this too hard, ask your partner, family or friends to comment on the sorts of things you say repeatedly.  This can be very helpful if you feel safe and comfortable enough to ask this.

Then change whatever thoughts you can with the use of mindfulness, mantras and affirmations. However, if any thought has a particular “stickiness” to it or is hard to shift, get that extra help.  This is where it can be great to enlist the support of a life coach or holistic counsellor.  The energy of two working together in agreement can be a powerful tool for change.

And continue to support yourself by regularly practising relaxation meditation.  It counteracts the effects of fear on the body.

This is why I am so excited to announce my FREE relaxation meditation will be available next week.

From my heart to yours,